Tree Trimming and Tree Maintenance Services in Tucson, AZ




The weather here in Tucson is very harsh on trees, but occasional tree trimming helps them live much longer and stay healthier, and look much better. Arizona Land and Tree can help – We're Tucson's best tree trimmers.

Why trim trees?

Trimming helps trees develop a stronger trunk and branch system, and a broader root structure. It also removes all dead wood before decay enters the tree. Your tree can live a longer and healthier life without rot.

And, proper pruning or trimming will provide safe clearance between trees and power lines or homes. This keeps the tree from damaging property or touching electric cables.

An expert tree cutter can remove any unhealthy, dead or dangerous limbs or trees which could fall during strong winds or monsoon rains. That way, you can avoid potentially-costly damage from falling limbs and trees.

Tree trimming or pruning also increases air circulation, which fights disease and reduces the chance of damage during high winds. Best of all, tree maintenance also lets your understory plants receive more sunlight for better growth.

Pruning increases safety for you and your family, and it's more aesthetically pleasing. Your home or business looks better with occasional tree maintenance.

We have more than 30 years of experience making you and your trees look good.

The right time for tree pruning

Even though some species here in the southern Arizona region can be pruned or trimmed anytime, there are certain local species that should be trimmed at specific times during the year.

We can help by assessing your tree and helping you evaluate the best options for trimming or removing it. With more than a quarter-century of experience in tree work, we can keep your tree in good condition, or remove it if that turns out to be the best option.
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