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Arizona Land and Tree is Tucson's leading tree removal service. We're highly experienced and fully insured, plus we offer the most affordable tree removal prices in southern Arizona.

We have over 30 years of experience in tree removal, tree trimming, and all other forms of tree work. We remove very large trees as well as little ones – No job is too big or too small for us.

Arizona Land and Tree provides complete tree removal service, and we specialize in removing trees from tight spaces and other challenging jobs.

We offer complete tree service, including tree removal and tree trimming

If you need a tree cutter, you should call us instead of trying to do the job yourself. That's because tree removal requires plenty of skill as well as special equipment.

Although an amateur tree cutter can sometimes handle a tree of up to about ten or twelve feet tall, anything larger is best left to pros like us.

And, because tree cutting is so dangerous, it's important to rely on certified, insured workers who know how to avoid damage and injuries during the process.
Tree Removal - Large tree removal in Tucson AZ
Beyond tree cutter services, if your tree is tall we provide “roping down” of sections cut from the upper part of the tree before we cut down the trunk.

We also specialize in expert palm tree removal and palm tree trimming services, and we're known as the best in Tucson. We can keep your palm trees looking beautiful year-round.

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If you have a tree or branches that need to be removed, we can help. We respond quickly everywhere in Tucson and southern Arizona, and we can remove your tree safely at an affordable price.
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