Tree maintenance contractor in Tucson, AZ




Tree maintenance, including tree trimming and bush pruning, helps your plants live longer and look better. Proper tree maintenance increases air circulation, reduces disease, and reduces the possibility of property damage during high winds or hard rains.

We can help. At Arizona Land and Tree, we have more than 30 years of experience with tree work and tree maintenance. We can make sure that your trees are healthy, well-trimmed and beautiful.

Why is tree maintenance important?

Tree trimming improves your tree's health and appearance, and extends its life. It's typically done for three kinds of reasons – Safety, plant health, and appearance.

Trimming or pruning for safety removes weak, dead or damaged branches which could fall and injure people or damage property.

And we can trim a tree to improve its health by removing dead, insect-damaged or diseased branches.

We open up the tree's canopy to allow more air and light to enter, which may reduce or prevent disease.

When done properly, maintenance for health also encourages a stronger form to better withstand windstorms. We also trim for aesthetic appeal, which enhances your tree's natural character and form.

Important aspects of tree maintenance

We provide the best tree maintenance services in Tucson, ranging from tree removal, tree trimming, and even tree fertilization to provide essential nutrients and increase resistance to stressful weather and insects.

Tree trimming is not only a science, it's an art…. The science of trimming is based on an understanding of the tree's biology, and the artistry of trimming lies in removing deadwood and excess vegetation while creating an aesthetic, elegant appearance.

When trimming or pruning, we strike the right balance between accommodating the physiological needs of the plant and the aesthetic appearance desired by the property owner.

Just as with any kind of “haircut,” in order to avoid cutting too much, it's best to trust a professional tree trimmer to prune your tree.

Our highly experienced, certified tree workers trim exactly the right amount from your trees and shrubs, so they'll enjoy peak health and best appearance.
We can keep your trees safe, healthy and beautiful. For the best tree maintenance in Tucson, just call us at (520) 977-6821