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Here in Tucson, palm trees add a beautiful, distinctive touch to your property. Yet, each tree species represents challenges. We're experts in trimming or removing palm trees of all kinds.

Although some property owners try to trim or remove trees by themselves, it's best to call us instead, since the job can be tricky without the right experience and tools.

Since it's so tall and it sheds its outer layers, a palm tree can cause serious damage to your property during wind or monsoon rains. Homeowners often call us when falling palm fronds threaten to damage their property.

Palm tree trimming or tree removal

As palms grow, they shed their outer layer of fronds. If your palms are looking shaggy, it may be time to trim the old fronds before the wind pulls them off.

The fronds are generally long and heavy, which makes them dangerous to people and property on the ground below them, as well as difficult to remove without the proper tools and expertise.

We have all the right tools and equipment needed to trim or remove trees, including cranes and bucket trucks, as well as plenty of tree-climbing experience.
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If your tree is dying, you should call us to remove it. That's because, unlike other kinds of trees, the roots of dead palms quickly become weak. So, the entire palm tree could fall during strong winds.

We can remove it safely, so you won't need to worry about it falling unexpectedly on your home, vehicle, or family members.

Or, if your palm is thriving and it needs occasional trimming, we can help. We'll trim the excess fronds so that your tree has a cleaner look with less chance of falling fronds.

Call Tucson's Palm Tree pros

The team at Arizona Land and Tree has plenty of experience in dealing with palm trees. In fact, we first began working with palms in Florida more than 30 years ago. We know palm trees well, and we can help keep yours in good condition, or remove it if it's dying.
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