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Arizona Land and Tree is Tucson's most affordable provider of tree maintenance and tree trimming service, and our tree removal prices are the lowest anywhere in southern Arizona.

An estimate for tree work always depends on a variety of factors, mostly based on time and risk. Tree removal or tree trimming is inherently a risky undertaking, and the amount of time and danger involved plays a big part in the estimate.

That's because the more dangerous the job, the more time and precautions it requires in order to be safe and successful.

So, the two biggest factors in any estimate for tree work are the amount of time involved, and the danger of a particular job.

Ironically, it's sometimes more economical to remove a tree than to trim it

The skill and experience of the workers must be appropriate for a given job, and it's better to rely on skilled, well-equipped and fully-insured workers who are fairly compensated for their time and expertise.

Nearby power lines, buildings or roads must always be taken into consideration during an estimate, since they may require the use of additional equipment such as our cranes.

We also operate our own tractors, dump trucks and trailers, lifts, stump grinders and all other necessary equipment.

Deadwood and hollow trees

Deadwood is also an important consideration when estimating tree service. Dying trees can usually be removed by the usual climbing and rigging method. But, when a tree is dead it is unstable and may fall or lose limbs unexpectedly, which makes tree removal a necessary yet risky job.

Hollow trees, whether dead or living, are another factor in any estimate for tree trimming or tree removal prices. Hollow trees are best left to professionals such as Arizona Land and Tree.
Deadwood - Tree Thinning in Tucson AZ
That's because the hollow space inside makes the tree unpredictable, so when branches are cut extra safety precautions must be taken. And, it's impossible to know the degree of decay and instability inside the hollow tree until cutting begins.

Tree Access and tree debris disposal

Other factors that affect an estimate for tree work include the height of the tree, emergency work during the night, on weekends or during inclement weather, trees located on busy roads, or exceptionally large or heavy trees, such as hardwoods, which may weigh 75 pounds per cubic foot.

If the tree is in a place with difficult access, it could take far more time to remove or trim. That's because the time and labor of hauling brush and debris out by hand are more than usual.

On the other hand, if there is enough access for us to bring wood chippers directly to the site, and load logs and branches directly onto our trucks, then the job is quicker and costs less.

The usual limitations to access are fences, septic tanks, narrow spaces between homes, low or soft ground, delicate landscaping or other conditions of a given property. And, working around sidewalks and sprinkler systems also requires a bit more time.

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