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Arizona Land & Tree has over 30 years of experience providing the widest range of tree services in southern Arizona. We are your best choice for tree trimming, tree maintenance and tree removal for every kind of tree, including palm trees.

Providing a Wide-Range of Tree Services

Contact us for all your tree services including large tree removal, property clean outs, commercial property tree and Palm tree maintenance.
Palm Trees

Palm trees add a distinctive, elegant touch for your property. Yet, each kind of palm tree presents its own specific challenges.

Our crews are experts in palm tree trimming. And, we can remove any kind of palm tree, no matter how tall.
Tree Trimming

Here in Tucson's harsh weather, periodic tree trimming helps your trees live longer and look better.

We can help – Arizona Land & Tree is home to southern Arizona's best tree trimmers. We'll trim branches to keep them away from power lines and other property. Specializing in preventive maintenance and monsoon damage. We also provide one time property clean-ups.
Tree Removal

We'll remove unhealthy or dangerous limbs and trees from your property. Our crews are fully insured and highly experienced, and we offer Tucson's most affordable tree removal services.

We remove trees big and small, and we specialize in tree removal from tight spaces as well as other challenging tasks.

Why we are Tucson's Best Tree Service

  • Experienced tree service teams
  • Fully certified and insured
  • Rapid response times
  • Affordable tree service pricing

Affordable tree service in Tucson

Arizona Land and Tree is Tucson's most affordable tree service. We're a full-service tree company, and we serve the entire southern Arizona region. We offer expert tree removal service, as well as tree trimming, tree maintenance, and palm tree service.

Safely removing large trees is a task which requires plenty of skill and experience. We specialize in removing trees which are close to homes and other buildings, or in tight quarters where access is limited.

Our teams use state-of-the-art methods including cranes and rigging to ensure the job is performed without risking property damage or personal injuries. Of course, we're certified, insured and highly skilled in order to ensure a successful outcome.

If you have a lot which needs to be cleared, we can help. We can easily remove large trees as well as smaller trees and brush which may be blocking access or giving your property an unkempt look, and we also excel at debris removal.

And, since we're Tucson's most affordable tree service, you'll find our pricing very reasonable.

Affordable tree trimming and tree pruning

Periodic tree trimming or tree pruning enhances the health of your trees and improves the aesthetic appearance of your property, as well as helping to protect your property from unexpected falls of branches or other tree parts during windy or rainy weather.

Pruning and trimming help a tree grow to meet your needs. When we trim trees, we remove deadwood, weakened branches and leaves, and any diseased parts.

If you'd like your trees to grow strong, healthy, and with lush foliage, we can help by trimming or pruning them.

If visibility or clearance is an issue, we can use “crown raising” methods to remove some lower branches of the crown of your tree, so that vehicles or pedestrians can pass more easily, or so you can see more clearly around the tree.

24-hour emergency response for tree service

We're proud to be southern Arizona's most affordable tree service, and we're equally proud of our round-the-clock emergency response. If strong winds or monsoon rains have caused your tree to lose a branch or become unstable, we can help.

We offer the region's quickest tree removal service, including debris removal and storm cleanup.

Does your tree need attention? Just call us now! (520) 977-6821

Customer Testimonials

“These guys removed the biggest mesquite tree I've ever seen.”
Professional tree service contractor serving cities, towns, and suburbs near Tucson, Arizona including Catalina Foothills, Flowing Wells, Casas Adobes, Drexel Heights, Rita Ranch, Vail.